Why import from Vietnam

Why should you do business with Ho Chi Minh City?

Ho Chi Minh City with its exceptional economic growth and development has become the destination to overseas importers. Here are valuable bases for international trade that the city possesses:

1.       Large number of enterprises

Ho Chi Minh City is the trading hub with more than 100,000 enterprises registered total capital of nearly 6 billion US dollars.

A large majority of these local businesses have been improving their trade and production capability through human resources training with professional, foreign language skills, and knowledge on international commercial laws. Besides, they keep focusing on product quality, competitive prices, as well as promotion and trademarks to maintain the competitive advantages in the market.

Obviously, importers will find it easy to search for potential quality partners.

2. Government Supports  

Export is encouraged and facilitated by the local government.  

It is supportive and helpful to importers with local knowledge and international trade experience offered by government’s agency. Investment & Trade Promotion Centre (ITPC) is a specialized trade promotion agent of the city functioned to organize business matching to overseas companies and assist overseas importers on any inquiries.

3. Excellent connections

Thre are 1 hi-tech park, 1 software parks, 1 hi-tech health care park, 1 hi-tech agricultural park, 3 export processing zones, and 15 industrial parks in the city.

HCM City's Tan Son Nhat International Airport is the largest and busiest airport in the country. The Saigon Port is the biggest seaport of the country, able to berth vessels with a loading capacity of over 30,000 tons. HCM City possesses a well developed telecom sector with a level of cost equal to the regional average.

It is proven that the city infrastructure is ready to carry high international standard level of facilities and services in logistics to support export.