US ends investigation into product scope of steel wheels from Vietnam

The DOC initiated the probe on August 7, 2023 into the product scope of steel traction wheels imported from the Vietnamese market.

The petitioner, Dexstar Company of the US, had submitted a request to the DOC to launch a scope review investigation on steel wheels completed in Vietnam from components originating in China. Indeed, there were concerns that these items fall within the scope of the anti-dumping and countervailing duty orders that the US is applying to similar products from China.

Based on the information and documents collected during the investigation process, the DOC unveiled its intention to end the investigation of the case on March 15 as Vietnamese enterprises did not import any wheel components from China to produce wheels as alleged by the plaintiff.

In fact, local businesses have produced discs and rims of wheels in Vietnam from Chinese steel sheets.

Meanwhile, US importers supported the termination of the investigation of the case and opposed the proposal that had been self-initiated by the plaintiff. The DOC then rejected the plaintiff's proposal, saying there are insufficient grounds to progress the case.

Source; VOV